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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Totally toned Tuesday and Anti-belly bloating water

Wow!!! Where is the time going???  Count down to Easter. Also, to my kids Spring vacation.

My workouts have consisted of Mondays: total body
                                                   Tuesdays: upper body
                                                   Wednesdays: Abs
                                                   Thursdays: lower body
                                                   Fridays: total body
                                                  Saturdays: cardio only
After a great warm up, I do a 20 minute jog to really ignite my inner fire. Then, interval training targeting these specific areas depending on the day. Always working in plyo's into the interval cycle.
  1. plyo move
  2. lower and upper body move together
  3. ab move
  4. intense cardio move
  5. arm and back move
  6. plyo move
  7. Repeat!!!
Water filled with cucumbers, lemon, orange, and mint.
Cucumber slices to reduce water retention and for all it's anti-inflammatory properties
Lemon slices for the cleansing effect of the digestive system
Orange slices that stimulate the immune system and help reduce cholesterol levels
Mint leaves aid in digestion and soothe stomach cramps
Ginger as well to aid in digestion
Mix all together in a big Pitcher filled with Ice water. The ice water helps to boost metabolism!!
Drink up and Enjoy!!!  
That's my day, Enjoy yours:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Totally Toned Tuesday!!

Started my day with an early client. Always a great way to start the day.

My workouts for the week have been quite intense following the format of 30 min. of above moderate cardio. By "above moderate" I mean, keeping my heart rate up higher than normal but not to the point of, let's say, a full speed sprint.
  • Then, going right into interval training.
  • 1 min of a lower and upper body move (squats into overhead presses) 
  • 30 sec rest
  •  1 min plyo move(squat down and burst up high to the ceiling)When executed properly and used in reasonable volume, plyometrics help prevent injury and improve performance. But poor form, misguided progressions, or crazy amounts of volume creates the opposite effect. Any time you start getting fast and explosive, you must be thoughtful with your training. 
  • 30 sec rest
  • 1 min of another lower and upper body move
  • etc...
6 different exercises working all parts of the body and repeating 3 x. Works out to be about 9-10 min.'s a cycle x three equals 30 min. And it's a killer:)



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Roasted Cauliflower Salad and Mock 'Tuna" salad recipes

Good Morning all, This has been a great week.

Workouts for the week have included: 30 minutes on the treadmill. Alternating sprints with hill sprints and light jogging to recover. Strength training, continuing overload principle,  Working all major muscles. Alternating lower body with an upper body move. Cool down with Pilates abs and yoga stretches:)
Still doing research on the Thyroid. I'm learning it is a very complicated little gland that controls several different hormones, especially the one that controls your metabolism. It effects most middle age women at some time or another, whether they know it , or not. On a lighter note;

Last night we had this awesome dinner:


Roasted Cauliflower Salad (39)

Rice-free Paleo Sushi RollsThese are the Nori (sea weed)sheets I used. 70 percent of my daily Iodine needs are met by one full sheet.

 Looking forward to an awesome Pilates class tonight. Take care and enjoy this beautiful weather !

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Repost of pre and post workout eating ideas

Good morning, What a week it was! All these late nights with early mornings, leave me no time write in my blog. I know you all have been checking in with me via email or texts so, Thank you!

I did have a request to repost a past blog on what to eat pre and post workout.
so, click on the link below and it will take you to that page:)
Stuffed Acorn Squash

Today, I am doing a light run just for me time. Then, I will end with some light yoga stretches and prepare for the upcoming week.

Calling anyone who can help with my blogging....not my thing but, love getting info out to you all.

Last night made some wonderful Roasted Veggies for dinner.

Remember your long term goal of being healthy but, your short term goal will get you through the day. My short range motivation is that shorts weather is coming. My goal time frame is by Easter weekend I want to hit my goal look. Not so much a weight goal but for me it's a look.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Slideshow with music

When I workout everyone is either sleeping or at work & school. But, this Friday my kids were home and therefore able to take some pictures for me. I like to take pictures to check for any imbalances I may have. I have put together a fun slideshow with my morning motivational music. Take a look and enjoy!!!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!  We don't have any real traditions for this special day so tonight our dinner is green colored theme. Mexican food with Guacamole, salad greens and green veggies!

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

National Blueberry Popover day

12 More days until spring!!!
I am enjoying a day off to catch up on things.
Started my day off with a great workout of running and body weight strength moves.
Breakfast a chia seed smoothie;)
Lunch: not sure yet.
Dinner is an awesome stew I have in the crockpot!
Quote of the Day:    ***Remember exercise starts in the mind***
“It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.” – Joseph Pilates -
“The only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do.” – unknown
“To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limits of our ability.”- Joseph Pilates
Today is also National Blueberry Popover day. I may just have to make some:)
Enjoy your Monday and have a wonderful Week!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hummus covered Tofu:)

Started this wonderful first Monday of March off with a light run and stretches. Enjoyed my Ashby Pilates class. This weeks focus is on retraining to run again after taken two months off to heal my toe. So, a lot of endurance activities for me.

Menu: Breakfast - Berry smoothie with chia seeds:)

blend frozen berries (your choice)
1 banana
a little Greek yogurt
1 cup almond milk
1 tbs chia seeds

blend and enjoy!!

Lunch: salad loaded with strawberries and oranges and pecans, with a light raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner:  Hummus covered tofu over roasted kale and quinoa:)
you can find the recipe here #28

Workout for the day: Run on treadmill  -   Pilates class    -  Strength training of leg/ chest and tri's

Enjoy your Monday everyone!!!